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Thread: Ok here we go again Logo for Haunt

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  1. Default Ok here we go again Logo for Haunt 
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    Aug 2010
    Charlotte North Carolina, United States
    Here is the main logo for my new Haunt let me know what you think.. And yes even you DA....lol

    Twisted Woods
    Twisted woods finished.jpg

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    Jul 2010
    Shawn, I like it, although I really liked the detail in the first one, so who am I to judge, LOL! This one is much easier to read and still brings in the foresty woods element with the trees in the background. Possibly a punch up in the color to brighten it up a bit and even some white backshadowing on the letters to pop them a bit would be my only suggestions.

    I would still stick with the original for t shirts and stuff. It looks super cool!

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    Feb 2004
    Mexico, Missouri, United States
    To be honest Shawn I like it. Its a start but leaves much to be desired. I would add more trees behind the others. Maybe even bring a few more beside with a few branches over the letters slightly. Like a tree tunnel. Tree tunnels are cool! Maybe blood dripping over the letters. Or make the letters look vine or moss covered. Needs maybe a grave or a zombie walking in the background. Like a silohuette. Or even like a werewolf looking from behind a tree. Maybe for the letters the moon shining on them w shadows of the trees or branches on them even would do something for the lettering. Thats the part that needs the most work I think. Like the roots underneath maybe make them stand out more or make them larger as well. Like the letters are coming out of the ground like a tree. I know these are alot of ideas but some of them might help improve this in the long run. Good luck!
    Last edited by damon carson; 06-17-2011 at 05:40 PM.
    Damon Carson

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    Kimmy's right, the last drawing was beautiful. On the last thread, someone mentioned the previous design would make an awesome tshirt and I totally agree.

    As far as this design, it is definitely closer to what I imagine a "logo" to be. The focus is on the text and this is a good thing. Beacuse of this, you could easily make more simple versions of it for printing and the logo would still be recognizable.

    As far as tweaks, the first thing that I would suggest is make the word, "twisted" slightly more bold. There are several large differences between "twisted" and "woods"; height, width, color, boldness, angle, and depth. Contrast of elements and principles is generally not a bad thing, but "twisted" just does not have the same weight/presence as "woods". BTW, I appreciate the red outline outer glow on "twisted" and how that can connect it visually to the red "woods".

    Overall, I think you're real close. Very talented artist!

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    May 2009
    Hey Shawn, Wanted to throw this out there. Just wanted to give some contrast and help illustrate what some folks think of when you say 'logo'. As I said on your first post, the illustrator doing your work is very talented and it's good stuff. It's just not a logo or brand ID. For a logo to work for your business it must be recognizable at a glance and somehow separate itself from all the visual activity around it. Simple, stark, eye catching.

    One rule on how effective a logo will be is if you zoom it out to about 12.5% of original size, tiny. If it's still visually interesting in this state it may be a decent logo.

    UPDATE: Same thing to the right, put another way - more appropriate for 4 color print, web, etc - the drama version.


    Last edited by Twin Locusts; 06-18-2011 at 07:42 AM.

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    Nov 2008
    Mesquite, TX
    Much better than the first one in my opinion. I would make twisted bigger, and make both of the words bigger inside of the frame.
    just my thoughts,
    Allen H

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    Jul 2010
    Hartford CT
    Halloweenish background helps me identify what it's about. MUCH BETTER then the 1st. Minimum detail and easy to get on product.

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