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Thread: Ok here we go again Logo for Haunt

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    May 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by damon carson View Post
    Twin that 2nd logo does look good! Maybe if you could put more patches of dark on the twisted to make it look like bark. Just like I was thinking or described in my post. Only you brought it to life. I hope Shawn likes it.
    Thanks Damon, yeah, the good thing about brand ID art is there's no one way to do it I left Twisted un-barked because I noticed Shawn liked separation of the two words, usually branding is a uniform font but in some cases, like this, it can really work to go with different treatments of separate words. I dialed it darker and it didn't seem to work, I may try a whole different color scheme, sometimes departing from the obvious pallet can get good results, in this case "woods" screamed for bloody brown, haha.

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    Jan 2010
    Cleveland Ohio
    This is looking real good! One small suggestion I might make is to put a slight black stroke around your letters so that that are separate from one another to make it just a little bit easier to read. Overall though looking really nice! Gotta love the Sinister Fonts, have been a huge fan of his work since one of his first fonts ever (cenobyte), they definitely are great for this industry!

    Mike "Pogo" Hach
    -Mike "Pogo" Hach

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    When creating a logo, most companies go thru lots of drafts and concepts before they reach there finished product. I like this one much better for marketing materials like a banner while the first one would be perfect fit a tshirt, hoodie or other apparel. The "twisted" needs to be more visible. It needs to compete with woods for attention but not to the point where it overtakes it.

    Like twin stated, a logo is just that, logo. Look at Starbucks, Target or any sports team. A well designed logo can be transferred or joined with anything with out being changed. A well branded logo is easily identified by consures no matter medium it appears on.


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