I am currently looking at property that is zoned "transitional"

It is rated for commercial or residential. It is on a main drag of road that leads to route 22 ( a major highway in pennsylvania) within 3 minutes driving time.

I have contacted the local zoning officer, and he has informed me that the noise rating from 7am-10pm is 75dB, and from 10pm-7am 60dB.

I am not too familiar with these ratings, and I know there are MANY charts out there showing what makes how much noise (ie. lawnmower 85dB, etc)

But I am curious as to what some of the other haunts have as far as noise ratings, and if you have had any issues or complaints in the past from local residents, etc?

The property is an old schoolhouse... 30k square feet, and a phenomenal asking price.

But I also want to be realistic in whether I can make this happen without the entire town hating me for 6 weeks out of the year.

Thanks in advance.