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Thread: Getting the towns ok

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  1. Default Getting the towns ok 
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    Jul 2010
    Hartford CT
    How do you sweet talk the zoning board or get their blessing? Building owners seem confused as to how to classify me too. I was told by a Fire Marshall it's a public assembly.

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    Jul 2010
    "Sweet talk" may be a little high in the expectations dept, but you can gain favor by being 110% prepared and ready to speak thier language when you meet. Your fire marshal is right- it is a public assembly, and our process ended up as our haunt being coded like a museum- public assembly with no seating.

    I was polite and respectful when we met more than a half dozen times to exchange information- and I always returned with the answers to their questions. Our building is zoned light industrial, but gained approval for its use as a public assembly without a zoning change.

    Make sure to ask for approvals in writing.
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    Per NFPA 101 Life Safety Code a haunt is classified as a special amusement occupancy which has stricter requirements than a general public occupancy.
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    Mar 2010
    Mesa, AZ
    We are classified as Special Assembly or Public Assembly as well. I am guessing other cities will be different. Read your codes and know them before you go in. Be polite. It is all about getting those permits.


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