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Thread: Haunted House Panels, Props, Costumes, Lighting, Vortex, Etc

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  1. Default Price Reduced 3 Attractions for $25,000 
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    Oct 2010
    Located outside Dallas-Fort Worth on I-35 in Texas. If your purchase and remove from property by August 11 - price has been reduced to $25,000 (for three attractions and 3 semi trailers).
    Everything listed below for $30,000 - buy now for this year season. Contact to come view - everything is set-up... know what your buying - no mystery trailer sale. If you want to buy and keep in current location for this season, the rent would be $14,400 for three warehouses (approx 18,000 sqaure feet of scaring space); location off I-35; and parking lot. You can buy current location for $382,000 and keep attraction there permentaly. Currently been located at 2235 North I-35; Gainesville, Texas for 8 seasons.

    Haunt Value Buy $30,000 (for everything - equals three attractions and storage space):
    - 3 Semi Trailers
    - 428 Wall Panels (approx 20 drop down portraits built in)
    - 20 Foot Vortex Tunnel
    - 2 Innocent Angel Statues
    - 7 Real Metal Coffins
    - 1 Real 1960's Cloth Coffin
    - 3 Dracula Style Wood Coffins
    - Approx 30 Catacomb Crates (adult standing fits in)
    - Stalk-Around Vampire
    - Camo Netting (Numerous sets)
    - Furnitire (2 fireplaces, multiple sofas, piano, organ, trick dinning room table, etc)
    - 5 Barrel Rattlers (hook to trip pad and sound like machine gun going off)
    - Approx 300 feet of 6 foot tall chain link fence
    - Many Many Props - Heads, Body Parts, Skeletons, Skulls, Etc
    - Old-Time Theate Scene - 3 Rows of Seats and Popcorn Machine
    - 1950's Diner Scene - large resturant sign and 4 booth seats
    - Multiple Tombstones (foam, laytex, and wood)
    - 3 Chainsaws
    - Creepy Real Iron Gates
    - Original Vintage Annie
    - Animatronic Flying Out Skeleton w/ Sound
    - Air Cannon
    - Oak Island Electric Shock Pads
    - 50 Dummies In Costume & Mask or Prop Head (laytex, department store, and PVC Construction)
    - Hospital Equipment (Guerny, body bags, exam table, wheel chairs)
    - menatl Hospital (beds)
    - Dentist Set
    - Large Laytex Flying vampire and multiple detail laytex props
    - Table Girl (trick table w/ skeleton body)
    - Lighting (theatre, black lights, christmas lights, strobes, etc)
    - Sound Systems (2 large systems run 2 attractions and then 10 CD boxes run another)
    - Costumes (approx 80 costumes and mask for 40- black robes, medical, junk yard, clown, lady dresses, etc)
    - Misc Animatronic Parts, Lighting, Props, Costumes, Etc

    Come see what we have, contact at fearpark@yahoo.comHaunt Sale 114.jpgHaunt Sale 045.jpgHaunt Sale 060.jpgHaunt Sale 153.jpgHaunt Sale 037.jpg
    Last edited by booyou; 07-27-2011 at 07:35 PM. Reason: Reduce Price

  2. Default  
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    Mar 2006
    I would love to have one of those innocent angel statues. What would it hurt to piece out just one of those statues? Please let me know!! Been wanting one for years!!


  3. Default Buy for this season! 
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    Oct 2010
    We still have this amazing package for sale - enough for 3 seperate haunted houses. And the best part is there is no mystery about what you are buying. All three haunted houses are currently set up and on display. Contact at fearpark@yahoo.com to come and see.

  4. Default Photo Bucket Link 
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    Oct 2010
    Here is a photo bucket link, not best quality photos but you get the reference. For $30,000 this is an amazing buy. Three complete attractions with 3 semi-trailers. Contact to have for this season. fearpark@yahoo.com


  5. Default  
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    Aug 2010
    Charlotte North Carolina, United States
    Do you have a shipping contaner?

  6. Default Shipping 
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    Oct 2010
    I'm not sure what you mean by shipping container - we have three semi trailers which can be loaded to have items trucked to your location. If your talking about the cargo storgae units that get placed on the railroad then no I do not.

  7. Default Price Reduced 
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    Oct 2010
    We just dropped the price in the main message to $25,000 - includes the main attraction, 2 side attractions, and 3 semi-trailers. Everything must be moved by August 11 for this deal.

  8. Default  
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    Jun 2011
    Bradenton, FL
    If you decide to seperate out some pieces, I am interested in the vortec tunnel pending pics.

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