Hello everyone!! First time posting here!!
Basically, what I am doing, is making some props to produce and sell(don't want to say what it is just yet).
But essentially, I am using 2 puck transducers to create a rumble effect. They are low power transducers, so I have a 2x20w amp powering them.
The only problem is, what can I use as an audio source?? There are plenty of signal generators or pieces of software out there, but those aren't really what I need to assemble and sell props.
What I am looking for is some sort of small electronic device, that simply outputs a low frequency tone (20hz to 200hz range) to make the transducers shake.
I am trying to keep it as low cost as possible, as I am trying to keep the cost of the props down for customers. I already have about a dozen people wanting these props, so it preferably needs to be something I can just wire into the amp and go.
Also, I plan on running the amp and whatever I use to generate the tone, and a couple other small devices on the prop, through a common switchable power source. So basically, I can set it up to flip one switch, and everything comes on at once. So using something like a cheap MP3 player would not work. I need it to output the tone as soon as power is applied.
Anyone have any ideas???