How many warning signs do we really need to have ? How many common sense warnings must we print, paint, display?
How dumb and unpredictable can a customer turn out to be?
Yesterday afternoon among the group going through my house was a couple, he was obviously from another country, she didn't seem to be and said something that made me think she had been through my house before so I was very surprised when she vanished from her group. Her man was still here?
I was not "happy" to discover she wandered off and when confronted with the steel fence and gate at the south side of my house that she scaled it, up and over to make her escape!?
She was wearing a long chiffon party dress. She is a short woman, slightly built, she seemed demure, quiet, not the Tom Boy type at all. She could have fallen on her head to the concrete...or she could have used the bright daylight surrounding her to study the padlock on the gate and figure out it was not locked!
Her actions did not seem to be fear-motivated at all as far as we can determine.
I guess a sign on the inside of the gate telling people to not climb over it would have not helped either, since I am pretty sure my sign would not ever be printed in the Polish language!
I'll make metal signs, one for each language attach them to the gate, I could forget the gate , who needs it with a solid metal door made from signs?