I think I have finaly found a location to get into the haunting business.

Right know they are showing interest primarly asking about cost.
This is what I can tell you off the "Bat"; the property is a farm and currently sell produce all summer and fall. They sell pumpkins and have a corn maze, but not sure on the actual size of the land.

With that said, they currently have a corm maze and thats what I'm going to run with for now.

I know that we will need a few generators so an esstimate on price for fuel each night and suggested number of genterators would help???

Basicaly I need a good run down on an esstimated price on haunting a corn maze. I know that they need little props, but I want a good esstimate on a better then average maze.

I'm going to pick brains as much as possible so that we can make this a win win!!!

Mr. Haunt