I am happy to let everyone know, as it stands right now that there is a new comercial haunt coming to the Twin Cities Metro Area in Minnesota!!!

I just recievied an email this morning with my new partners saying that they are on board and want to haunt Halloween 2011.

I do not have any details right now, I am going to be meeting with them next week to get our "skulls in a row", and get advertising that we will be opening!

I also know that we have a lot to do and a lot to accomplish, I will keep you all posted as to what is going on and when we have our name and website up and running I will post that information.

Like I have posted many times before, I know that there has to be more haunters on this forum with some kind of backround from Minnesota...DONT BE SHY!!!

If you are a local or an outside vender that would like to sponsor us or invest in our haunt P.M. ME!!! ASAP

This is the Email people can start getting a hold of me: deadoakscemetery@yahoo.com

Thanks to everyone also on this forum with every thing you do to help!!!

Mr. Haunt