Typically in any business there is a big trend in dysfunction.

First you help others earn their equipment.

Then you know you can do it then you buy their equipment you already bought for them. That's twice payment to some degree.

Then if you are being competitve you buy everyone elses stuf so they can't compete with out reinvesting, that's three.

Then you refurbish everything that costs as much as building or buying new. That's four times.

Then years later (maybe 10) you are refurbishing the same thing.

Meanwhile in a seasonal business the storage of all this stuff costs just as much of the stuff. That's 5 to 6 times (if the experiment lasts that long) times you paid for the same stuff.

You have to eliminate a few steps like just start out with new anyhow with things actually being paid for as you go. Your storage facilities should be owned and paid for in a short time (not always possible) or otherwise free like on grandpa's farm.

4 of those steps that would otherwise have funds drawn can go to better facilities and does not put the constraints or expected performance on having so many customers or you die.

Anyone can spend money but few can make money. Fewer can keep some of the money they make. Alot of people make it look like they have something going on (in any business) but, they don't and eventually crash.