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Thread: Just a reminder... must read

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  1. Default Just a reminder... must read 
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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO
    1) update your hauntworld.com haunted house profile NOW! If you don't you run the risk of having your profile deleted. We've already deleted about 1000 profiles. the season is here add pictures, videos, updated prices, dates, and more.

    2) if you want a profile on hauntedhouseassociation.org its free go create one... same goes for hauntedhousemagazine.com

    3) Hauntworld Magazine is going to ship on Monday. Look for it in your mailbox.

    4) yes I did buy a $35,000.00 vac form machine I will have it in four weeks. We will start selling it but not this year. Now I will never have to deal with one idiot ever again. Once I get some pictures of our machine I will post them up here... I can do up to 12 feet wide panels.

    5) We will be offering some digital fx here within days... the first one is security camera I will upload to youtube so you can check them out. they will go on sale at www.hauntedhousesupplies.com

    6) If you want a featured banner, featured listing, or featured article there is STILL TIME contact Patti today... 314 629 3940. We've done MORE SEO work this year than ever before and we are expecting our traffic to TRIPLE! Let us help you send business to your event.

    Take care.


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    May 2007
    Columbia, SC
    [MENTION=1]drfrightner[/MENTION] -- Is there a way for me to "reclaim" our listing? Our profile shows Blanchard as still being the owner but he hasn't been with us for a while and our listing is outdated. I tried submitting his email and our website email to the password recovery yet neither were used. Thanks!

    ...oh and SC's listing haven't been updated yet, have they? Something that has irked my nerves for some time is Spookywoods being listed as an SC haunt, when in fact they are in NC...also Phobia closed 2 seasons ago so they are no longer active yet still listed.
    O'Shawn McClendon
    Creative Chair -- Operator: Cayce-West Columbia Hall of Horrors

    One mans junk is another mans kick-ass new prop...






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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO
    Forgot one thing... we are in the process of moving the whole entire website to the CLOUD and we will no longer have our own server. The benefit is really simple... Hauntworld will NEVER stop working in october. It will be on the biggest server system in the World. So never again at least I hope will you see Hauntworld stop working because of too much traffic.

    Wish us luck!


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    Oct 2007
    This is great news for haunters who advertise. It seems to crash every year in October and thats not fair to haunters who buy ads. So this is a good move.


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