How well can a certian person see in the dark? Do we ever know until, unless they react ?
While doing a tour last night I found myself in a pretty dark setting anticipating them arriving and I began assuming odd postures wondering if I could pass (in the dark) for a mis-shapen amateur attempt at making a body, then come to life as their eyes get used to the change in the light?
Of course the true scare would happen if/when they provide their own increase in the light via cell phone and there I am looking distorted, odd and much too close for their comfort! Oh, yes, I forgot to mention "Crazy"! AND actually human! Versus that mis-shapen paper mache attempt/thing.
Sometimes just de-elevating your posture can help to hide you in mid-light situations since they are not looking for a very low body, usually.
I have found that some people can see Very well in a pretty dark room. I was told about a man who lives maybe 7 miles away from me that can see in very low light. Maybe his snake-looking irises have something to do with that ability? Yes, I guess he has diamond-shaped irises! (Pointy thin teeth too? I don't know?)