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Thread: Fencing rental

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  1. Default Fencing rental 
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    Jul 2011
    Does anyone have any idea of the cost to rent fencing.I am talking about the kind you see at festivals that have the feet instead of in the ground.I called rent- a -fence but they are closed at this time.

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    Aug 2010
    Charlotte North Carolina, United States
    We had a quote for around 1,700 for 800 feet of chain link fence with 3 gates the time of rental did not matter to them.
    Hope that helps.


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    Aug 2003
    Las Vegas
    Our costs won't really help as this is a really a local issue. You can probably get three different prices calling three suppliers in your own town.
    Cost will be dependant upon how many suppliers and local use. Construction sites are the major user and if construction is down there may be a lot of fencing just sitting storage! There are national vendors like American Fence, United Fencing and National Fencing. Some also carry other supplies like port-a-potties, so you can also bundle together services to get a discount.

    I would also approach them for at least a partial trade out. Say the quote is $1,800, you ask them if you could trade out some or all of it for tickets. Explain that they can then give the tickets to their employees and their families and most importantly they can give them to their clients. Sort of a thnaks for doing business with us thing. Companies like this are prime for such a trade because it really is no cost to them. The fencing sits in storage or on your property. Only cost is the man power to deliver and errect. If that is an issue, ask if you can get it and errect it yourself. I do, just need a flat trailer and a couple guys!

    I traded out for fencing and a generator the first couple years. They used the tickets to give to clients. I had them calling ME the second year asking for a trade! They already had their clients asking if they were getting tickets again!! One guy said that if I wouldn't trade he would have to buy tickets!! We have been trading fence for ticket going on 13 years!!

    It NEVER hurts to ask!
    R&J Productions
    Las Vegas, NV

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