I was reading a lot last night and watching a lot of videos on silicone mask making.

There was a particular resource I want to see again, but can't find it, and it's driving me friggen nuts.

At first I thought it was a video, but maybe just even a step by step with pictures.

It's a long shot, but might sound familiar to someone here.

Pretty sure it wasnt Allen's or BITY.

I can't even remember the mask they were making, I just remember the head form was just a head no shoulders. It was mounted to a round wood base, might have been slightly green wood.

After the mold itself was made, they specifically mentioned putting "1/2" of clay on the inside of the mold. They then put the head form back in before pouring the material.
(this is the part that is catching my interest)

The mold was held together with bolts that went straight through the mold on the edges, they were a nice silver. Not sure if they were wing nuts or regular.

I remember all the colors of this.... but none of the details to lead me back.

I went through my entire history for yesterday, and no luck.

It was a great and 'professional' looking setup they had going. I would just like to cross reference to the other materials I have found.