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Thread: Ground Fogging Question

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  1. Question Ground Fogging Question 
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    Jan 2007
    Hey everyone, as you might have read a few months ago I shared with everyone that I will be providing some Halloween effects and props for a wedding reception.

    One big thing I want to do is fill the entire reception hall with ground fog to set the mood for the entire night. I don't want any of the fog to rise or at least very little at the most.

    So I need some help and any suggestions, I don't have the square footage of the hall but I have 4 500watt foggers to do the trick.

    Is ground fog juice better then the regular or does it not matter?????


    Mr. Haunt

  2. Default Dry Ice 
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    May 2011
    Orange Park, Florida
    You may want to use dry ice. Dry ice hovers the ground like early morning fog. Dry ice works well in warm water and using a dryer vent hose and a blower, it should work well. I would fog it up, then let the guests in. If you have a theatrical stage lighting or sound company in your town they may have a dry ice fogger machine for rent. The machine is made using a 55 gallon drum with a heating element to heat up the water you fill it with. It also has a blower on it and an outlet to connect the dryer vent hose. You put the dry ice in a basket and lower it into the warm water just like you would lower french fries into oil. You would then lower the lid and turn on the blower and you get fog. I hope this is helpfull.

    Good Luck with the wedding,
    Robert Travis
    Scenic Art Productions

  3. Default Ground fog 
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    Aug 2003
    Livermore, CA
    First thing to understand is the greater the difference between the temp of the fog and the ambient temp, the lower the fog will sit. So it's fairly easy, on a hot night, to slightly chill the fog (run it through some ice) and have the right effect. The colder the night, the harder it gets to chill the fog. Might have to move to dry ice or a commercial chiller.

    I only use Atmosphere Cold Flow fluid for ground hugging, but I am assuming that other low lying fog juice is similar. While they may make a more dense fog, the key is that they are quick dissipating. All fog, regardless of how cold you make it, will start to heat and then rise. The Cold Flow dissipates before this rise typically occurs.

    So if you are using regular juice, ice cold, it sits nice, but as it warms up it starts to rise, eventually filling the room and losing the effect you wanted.

    Your 500 watt machines should be just fine. Wattage only really matters in how much fog they will produce. More machines means more chilling apparatus, so you might be better off with a single bigger machine, like a 1500 watt.

  4. Default  
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    Aug 2006
    You need a fast dissipating fog. I have to use it in the hotels because regular fog sets off the smokes..

  5. Default Dry Ice 
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    Jun 2011
    We've used dry ice for years and years on film sets for ground fog. The problem is that it makes the floor wet. Not a big problem outside, but a safety issue inside.

  6. Default  
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    Mar 2010
    Yeah, just like bubble machines indoors, dry ice turns into water vapor and makes the floor VERY slippery, and since you're in a hall, it probably won't be in your best interest.

    Froggy's Fog fast dissipating fluid is probably the best bang for your buck, it will go away just like what Karl suggested, but more affordable, and I'd stick with the 4 machines and just put them in each corner of the hall, that way you get a more even coating, just make a cooler by running some dryer vent through a large plastic tub, and ice the heck out of it!

    Here's an example I found of YouTube of what I'm trying to explain, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gncp2FPnk4k

  7. Default Perfect Solution for effect you need! 
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    Mar 2011
    Buffalo, NY
    We ordered the above mentioned Froggy Frog Indoor Fast dissipating fog juice from Fright Props. We're going to use it in our lobby for the same effect you're going for.

    Below is exactly what you need from Fright Props! Read through the product description and watch video. Coudn't ask for a more perfect solution! I built my own Vortex and it works awesome.

    District of the Dead Haunted House & Morbid Entertainment


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