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Thread: NEW Lasers from Dark Tech Effects

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  1. Default NEW Lasers from Dark Tech Effects 
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    For those of you needing last minute "WOW" effects, we have just added new laser models from X-Laser. If you have any interest please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

    Please find prices and videos below... And as always Dark Tech Effects also offers programming of your lighting and lasers.

    X-Series: Stepper Motor Aerial Lasers - Class IIIB (Need to use EZ Variance Kit):

    Dual Blaze - $699.00

    Aurora Grande - $899.00

    X4C - $1,349.00

    Caliente - $479.00

    Mobile Beat Series: Powerful Entry Level Animation Lasers - Class IIIB (Need to use EZ Variance Kit)

    Mobile Beat MKII - $599.00

    Mobile Beat MKIII - $999.00

    Mobile Beat II System - $1,194.00
    Mobile Beat III System - $1,594.00

    Mobile Beat Systems include Laser, Quickshow software and a 10’ ILDA cable.

    XA Series: Evolved Animation Lasers - Class IIIB (Need to use EZ Variance Kit)

    Skywriter RGY - $1,299.00

    Skywriter RGBV MKII - $2,199.00

    Skywriter RGB - $2,299.00

    Sapphire Sky 250 - $1,799.00

    Sapphire Sky 500 - $2,399.00
    (Same as above with higher output)

    Diffraction Grating Series: Massive Room Coverage Laser Effects

    Axis GB - $1,099.00

    Axis - $675.00

    Mega Air 300 - $999.00

    X-Beam Series: Big, Bad, Bright Beamers w/ Animation - Class IV (Need to use EZ Variance Kit)

    X-Beam Green (500mW) - $3,599.00

    X-Beam Green (1W) - $4,999.00

    X-Beam Green (2W) - $7,999.00

    X-Beam Cyan (1.5W) - $4,599.00

    X-Beam Azure (3W) - $7,999.00

    X-Beam Sapphire (2W) - $4,999.00

    X-Beam RGB (1W) - $3,799.00

    X-Beam RGB (2W) - $4,999.00

    X-POD System: Dramatic Chasing Laser Effects - Class IIIB (Need to use EZ Variance Kit)

    X-POD Controller - $695.00
    Controller comes programmed for 8 pods, 16 or 32 by request or upgradable after sale for an additional fee.

    50mW Green X-POD - $299.00

    200mW Red X-POD - $329.00

    All X-Laser products have a lead time of (15) business days, however most items in stock are shipped right way.

    Dark Tech Effects is an authorized dealer of X-Laser® high powered laser products which are manufactured and sold in the United States under approved FDA manufacturer's variance number 2007V-0476. An approved manufacturer variance - not an accession number - is required to legally sell Class IIIB or IV laser products into the United States according to FDA Laser Notice 51.

    To check the status of X-Laser's variance, or that of any other manufacturer, please visit www.regulations.gov and type in the manufacturer's name into the box on the right hand side of the screen. This will ensure that you can see who is approved, who is not, and who has no licensing at all before you purchase in order to avoid significant penalties and potential fines up to $350,000.00 USD for illegally importing and/or using uncertified laser products.

    For more information about the importance of properly built laser systems for audience and user safety, U.S. laser laws and required variances for end users, please visit X-Laser's site at www.x-laser.com and click on the FAQs menu option.

    A variance is required to use a high powered laser in the United States and only X-Laser® makes it easy with a super fast 100% online, pre-approved variance process. Check out the EZ Variance Kit available separately and be sure to complete it before your first event if you do not already have one.

    Caution Class IIIA, IIIB, or IV Laser Light. Read all user information prior to use. Not for use outdoors or for audience scanning. Shooting a laser at an aircraft is a Federal offense. Avoid exposure to the beams.

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