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Thread: Fireproofing existing props / wall panels

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  1. Default Fireproofing existing props / wall panels 
    This is a wonderful forum and I was hoping to get some help with fireproofing existing wall panels / props that already exists.

    I was told there was a product you could mix and then spray on existing items using a paint sprayer. I understand this might not be the most effective method but we purchased a previously run haunted house and want to use it on the items that we bought. Ideas?

    It would be great to fire proofing guide out there somewhere, and if there is already please excuse me and point me in that direction!


  2. Default fire proofing 
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    My suggestion, to be safe, is to contact any supplier of the flame retardant and explain what you are trying to do. Let the manufacturer explain the proper application process to you and what is best suited for your needs. As they say: "straight from the horses mouth".

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    What vendors do others in the haunt industry recommend? We contacted NY Fire shield but they were unable to help us.


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    Mesa, AZ
    Do you need a class A rating, are you outdoor? I know we are finding ourselves in a similar situation this year as we did not need to fire retard our panels last year but this year we are in a class B2 building and they want us to retard even though we are in a sprinkled building. And NY Fireshield was able to recommend a varnish...expensive but if it has to be done.


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    We are mostly outdoors but have a very small temporary indoor maze (about 1000 sq/ft). There is no water in the building. We do have 5 emergency exit doors and smoke detectors with relays to turn on the lights and shut off props. Fire marshal isn't requiring any more than that at this point.

    Do you remember what was the varnish they recommended?

    Someone mentioned something about being able to mix with a sort of polyurethane and using a paint sprayer to spray it on. Says it leaves a gloss coating. Was at one of the seminars but didn't mention what the product was. Any ideas?

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    These guys were at the National Haunters Convention and offered a nice line of fire retardants. They seemed very knowledgeable as well. Here's a link to their page: http://www.scareproducts.com/cms.Cat...ame_Retardants

    Also, just curious if you are like Lake Lehman near Wilkes Barre PA? Saw the Lehman part and wondered. I'm near Williamsport.

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    Everything we have is treated with New York Fire Shield Inspecta-Shield. It works on existing items, walls, cloths, everything.
    Brian Warner
    Owner of Evilusions www.EVILUSIONS.com
    Technical Director of Forsaken Haunted House www.Forsakenhaunt.com
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    I think this is exactly what we were looking for. How do you typically apply it? Thinking of the best sprayer to get to apply the proofing! Big help!

    We are in the poconos actually near Bushkill Falls, PA.

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    Mar 2010
    Mesa, AZ
    Yep NY fire-Shield is great stuff. We just apply ours with a household weed/ insect repellent sprayer you can get at any Lowes or home Depot for around $20 Something like this.



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    NY Field Shield is telling me that you can't use inspecta shield on existing painted wall panels!!!

    Anyone else have any other products that we can use??? Not sure why everyone in the haunt industry is telling us to use inspecta shield but NY Field shield themselves are telling us not to.

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