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Thread: Line Actor

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    May 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by Badger View Post
    There are companies that make scents that you can use in your haunts or on your person to make yourself smell bad. Never washing your outfit helps as well, especially early in the season as you sweat...
    Cool. I do recall seeing that but never thought of how others would take it or if it was too much. More so if you are a que line actor and having so much exposure to people.

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    Nov 2008
    Mesquite, TX
    I have used a scent masking spray, but I will never add bad smells or not wash a costume. Odorless fabreeze does a good job of masking a nice smell. Smelling bad negates the photogenic quantifier- no one will want to stand next to you for pictures.
    I understand a bad smell is one way to invade them, but its also likely to piss them off just enough so they cant get scared.
    Allen H

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    Oct 2004
    Wow look what I started

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    Apr 2011
    New England
    I'm a line actor, my character is a psycho clown. People either like the clown or hate clowns, either way I get a reaction. When they take a picture I start jumping around like a kid at Christmas, yelling "Show me the picture! Show me the picture!" I'm usually pretty quick with the improv which is a big help. Singling out a member of the group and tormenting them a little then turning on the group is always fun. I like to find something to pick on and then tear them up, either haircut (especially Justin Bieber cut), clothes (people wearing camoflouge, I like to tell them, "You know I still see you?"), I address older patrons as Mom or Dad. This year I want to try getting some audience particiaption going like having everybody sing an annoying song and then yell to knock it off or get them all dancing.

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    I work lines several different ways, depending on the audience; the house; the crowd-dynamic.

    1. Silent creeper - I 'stalk' one person in a group for as long as it is effective. As soon as it becomes commonplace to the victim or the group, I move on (works best in lines with several cut-ins).

    2. Vocal - I pick on a person or group, usually playing/preying on one persons fear or psyche, but ALWAYS In-character (sort of Anything Goes... within reason).

    3. Crowd - If there is a 'stage' area by the line, I 'take-stage' and perform for the audience at-large, letting them move by in the line, and repeat my schtick as needed (similar to a 'Comedy Routine').

    I'm sure there are many, many more, but these are the few that I work from at ScreamS.

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