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Thread: Creative Juices Needed - Finale Room for an "unReality" haunt

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  1. Default Creative Juices Needed - Finale Room for an "unReality" haunt 
    Chad Portenga Guest
    I'm running into a creative dead end and could use some ideas - simple or complex.

    I'm looking for an idea for a finale room in a haunt where the theme is, in a nutshell, illusions & things not being what they seem. We've got the standard 3D chroma rooms and hall, a black & white shrinking room (think Willy Wonka style), a tilted room (ever been to the Mystery Spot?) and even a "BIG" room (everything is oversized). But I'm drawing a blank on how to finish the haunt with a good scare.

    Keep in mind that the other part of our haunt (2 haunts in 1 location) is Phobia based (snakes, coffins, etc.) so we're trying to keep the story lines separate.

    Anyone, anyone, Bueller??? :roll:

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    Sep 2003
    Boiling springs, NC
    Ill give you a room that Tony Cooke came up with and we did 10 years ago. The Gift Shop

    Regular room, not scary, normal florescent lighting.

    Patrons come in and there is a lady there to take their glasses. Hang your t shirts and such up for ombiance. Sign and your lady say to sign the guest book for a free drink. When the first one heads for the refrigerator out pops your character from it. In your case I see a jester with a ski saw, but then I've never seen your haunt so that detail can be suit to fit. THIS ROOM WORKED AWSOME!
    Colt Farrington
    "MEMO--- The beatings will continue until employee moral improves."

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  4. Default I have several rooms 
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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    Here that are not so much scary as just very unusual and thereby entertaining(memorable?) Of course I built them and it was a lot of work, the whip marks are still festering(I'm such a tough guy to work for!)
    One such room is a 40 foot high pointy tower that customers walk under, then look up and see the infinity straight above them, I lie, tell them it's done with mirrors, then later they are outside and see the tall pointy tower!
    "It was Real!?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allen H View Post
    You ever see an ames room? I think it fits your theme perfectly

    This would be awesome, especially if the actor in the room was on stilts and could start seated to exaggerate the "growth" even further.

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    Chad Portenga Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Allen H View Post
    You ever see an ames room? I think it fits your theme perfectly

    That's cool, however, since I just built a tilted room (I'll post pictures soon), this will have to wait until next year. Pretty cool effect - combines our shrinking room and my tilted room into one with a different effect!

  7. Default Any other ideas??? Expanding on the ones above? 
    Chad Portenga Guest
    Any more suggestions? Any twists to the above ideas? I like the ones above, but I'm thinking that they may need more than just a week or so to put together.

    I was toying with the idea of a "little person" room as I know many people who are scared of little people (as in those with Dwarfism). Only one problem - finding some little people in the West Michigan area (Muskegon, Holland, Grand Rapids) who would be willing to volunteer. There's a "Rent-a-Dwarf" company in Lansing, but that's quite a drive and I doubt they'd be up for a donated service.

    Any other ideas???

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    Jun 2008
    Warsaw, IN
    An upside down room

    A mirrored effect on the ground so it looks like you are crossing a bridge over a huge hole

  9. Default How would this work exactly 
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    Nov 2010
    Arvada, CO
    "A mirrored effect on the ground so it looks like you are crossing a bridge over a huge hole"

    How would this work exactly? I've been wanting to do something that safely exploits people's fear of heights for awhile now, but can't figure out how it's done. Can anyone offer insight?

    "I'm talking about romance in the sense of epic heroes, tragedy, forever friends who die for one another, quests, wars and star-crossed lovers. Romance found in dark fairy tales and the histories of martyred saints. Romance expressed through murder, cannibalism, ressurrections, and hauntings, through ancient tales of chivalry, sacrifice and betrayal."

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    Mar 2010
    4 acrylic sheets, do not use Mylar. It wrinkles too easy.

    You need thin sheets of acrylic on the floor and ceiling, with a pattern (typically brick) on the wall. I would say black walls with white bricks, and DO NOT ALLOW LIGHT to get in the room, it will ruin the effect. Use a white floor panel, you can do a ledge, dots to jump onto, or a thin plank, and WALA!

    Easy, awesome, expensive, worth it!

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