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Thread: Creative Juices Needed - Finale Room for an "unReality" haunt

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    Apr 2009
    Do you have a photo of the upside down room. Can I get the acrylic at hd. Thanks

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    Nov 2008
    Mesquite, TX
    A corn starch floor. This could be really cool and fit in with your theme, it also wont take to much to build.

  3. Default Picture of the Upside Down Room 
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    Oct 2011
    West Michigan

    This is a picture of my "upside down room" (rotated to look "upright" for the media to use).

    The carpet was screwed to a criss-cross network of wood above the walls (we were in a large warehouse). The props were screwed to the walls. There were even fake switchplates and a real door, all upside-down of course. The bed was made by screwing the headboard to the wall and the bedspread to the carpet, with a piece of 2" foamboard inside it to make the "mattress". Once again, the teddy bears and such were screwed or zip-tied to the bed, tables, etc. There was even a stray, opened book "on the floor." As it turned out, the details made the scare work that much better.

    At first I was worried that the wrinkles in the carpet would look bad, but with the lighting, it was nearly impossible to tell.

    The scare worked like this: The people entered the room (seeing pretty much the same view, but upside down). I entered behind them, while they were looking at the ceiling and commenting on it. I was able to walk right up to most people and quietly wait with my bladed hand next to them. When they turned, to look around some more, I just gave a deep, low, evil chuckle. More often than not, people wondered where I had come from. They usually didn't wait around for an answer!

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