So I have been writing for my blog Haunted House Startup for almost 2 years now, ever since I wanted a larger space for my home haunt and started researching what it takes to go pro. In all this time every time I have heard or seen a home haunter ask about charging it was the same answer at that point you need to meet fire codes, building codes, permits, insurance, etc. etc. But now I am starting to see home haunts that are direct competition to Pro haunts and draw crowds of 5000+ and do not charge and now I am seeing home haunts that do the same and are charging.

Does anyone know if there is some new way around all the business side of things for home haunts now. I am worried of the kickback that could hit the haunt industry in general from one of these home haunts having someone get injured or worse because they do not carry all the proper permits and insurance. Also now there are many that are so big they are becoming direct competition and are charging but are not having to have fire systems, insurance, permits, etc., I do not think and I do not think anyone else minds competition but if they are gonna play at this level they need to have the proper items in place.

Anyone have any feedback on this or if there are new temporary regulations that allow home haunts to work like this now? I am not having much luck finding anything from my end.