Hello all, I'm pretty new around here hope to get some feedback on some ideas I've had...

For starters here's a little gem I stumbled upon when wiring my barn for sound. It started with a roll if speaker wire, (I don't remember what the size was) and a pair of scissors. I cut the wire into a strip approximately 5ft, I put one end in my vice, and the other in the bit of my drill. I twisted the wire until it looked like this.


I then cut multiple sections of speaker wire form the roll about three inches long, I then peeled apart the wire.


I then wrapped the peeled wire around the twisted wire and tied it with a simple knot. I also trimmed the edges off to the appropriate length at and angle just to give it that barbed look.


after that I hung it up and hit it with some Osh silver spray paint, and VOILA! you have perfectly harmless barbed wire... We use this in a scene where we have one of our actors tied down to a chair in a dark room (for developing film).


Let me know what you think,

Frightmare Farms