Last Saturday night we were busy here, mostly seeing old patrons returning to get the "Jim Tour" before the season really starts.
Looking at previous year's attendance figures it would/should have been an accurate call, a safe call...
I wasn't "alone" doing the house tours, my Wife did alot to help, but she pulled up lame recently and she was very limited in her mobility, so in many ways it was a Jim Only Show .. and guess what? I had a lot of FUN! My old bones and body responded great and I was really energized all that long night!
So at 62 years of age I had the extremely good fortune and luck to discover I could still do this this way. The situation answered the question I have been wondering about for quite some time:Could I do this again? Operate the whole show by myself(almost) like I did when I first opened here 25 years ago? I didn't expect to get the chance to find this out and I didn't expect to have such positive results either!
Logically thinking this house is much bigger now than it could have hoped to have been when I began it and I can still rattle off those silly, stimulating things like a high-speed auctioneer...from the late afternoon well into the late night! (And it was quite the "Track Meet" too, physically)
The day after, I felt Great! (And I really impressed my loving Wife too!
The main ingrediant which made this all very possible was ... my audience of fans who put forth the effort to arrive here, I couldn't have done it without them and their responses, Thank you if you happened to be in that group that night.