Hi everyone! It's that wonderful time of year again where all of the haunt attractions start to open up

I have been hired as a scare actor at a fairly large event near me. I have done haunted house acting at amateur haunts previously, but this will be my first time in a professional production. I'm looking for your wisdom on what makes an excellent scare. I have my own ideas of course, but I feel like you all can give me some great input.

Of course any general advice would be awesome, but I'll give you some specifics about my role. I am in one of the outdoor trails and am the very first scene guests will get to. The premise is that we were a settlement of drifters/miners in the late 1920s. Not knowing we were out in the woods, people used the area as a toxic wasteland, killing and deforming us. You can read the official synopsis on the website below.

Also, has anyone been to Corner of Chaos? I'd love to hear some reviews as I never attended in previous years. The Barnyard maze won "Maze of the Year" by FrightTour last year, so I'm really excited to be a part of the operation this year.


Thanks for you help and have a great Halloween season everyone!