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Thread: PicoStorm trouble

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  1. Default PicoStorm trouble 
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    Aug 2006
    Glyndon MN
    Hello, I am trying to get my Pico Storm up and running and having some major trouble... I have already fried a couple of speakers... I have everything hooked up but if I try to give it any kind of volume at all it starts to cut out the sound. I get 1/2 the thunder then nothing for a bit then a bit of thunder again then it cuts it off again. The lights continue normal. Anyone have any ideas? Is it the sound system or the pico system itself? I went out and got brand new speakers so its not the speakers (400 Watt speakers I would think could handle quit a bit but then Im not a stereo person). I tried getting in touch with friightprops but they are not answering their phone so that is no help to me right now (not a slam, they have been very good to work with and Im sure they are very busy this time of year). Any ideas would be helpful.

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    Mar 2004
    Minneapolis, MN

    It sounds like you are connecting the PicoFX (PicoStorm) to the speaker's microphone input. If it's clear at a lower volume then distorts only when amplified it has to be something with your audio setup.

    We did call you back and left a message earlier today. It is always quickest to send an email to: sales at frightprops.com


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