Haunt Sale 067.JPGHaunt Sale 068.JPGHaunt Sale 069.JPGHaunt Sale 078.JPGHaunt Sale 114.JPGWe have for sale a 6,000 sqaure foot haunted house attraction (this includes the wall panels, lights, sound, props, special effects, costumes, mask, make-up, 2 semi trailers etc).

To see everything when the lights are on you should check us out while we are in operation with the lights on ( we are currently not hooked up to air compressor so animatronics are used as props - all electronics are running). Come November 1 - we will turn off the lights for the year. Our website is www.fearpark.com

- 160 Single Sided Wall Panels 4 foot by 8 foot
- 2 Semi Trailers (one door needs the wire attached)
- Numerous Misc Laytex Body Parts
- Dark Black Light Hand Painted Portraits
- Floating Head Effect
- 30 Catacombs Crates which includes dummies, skeletons in 20 of them
- 1 Skeleton Animatronic
- 3 Wood Dracula Style Coffins
- Ex Mortis Stalkaround Vampire
- Hospital Gerny, Mental Hospital Beds, OBGYN Table, and Real Body Bags
- 5 Full size laytex dummies (guts spilling out; chest open; demonic girl; slain, old man prisoner)
- Complete 1920's Living Room Scene (2 Sofas, Fire Place, Piano, Chandlier)
- Restuarant Scene - booths and sign (in storage)
- Theater Scene - Theater Seats and Curtains (in storage)
- Mad Scientist Scene - Drill Press, Frdige, Display Case w/ Body Parts, etc
- 1950's Dentist Scene - Dentist Chair and various tools
- 6 Real Metal Coffins
- 1 Real 1950's Cloth Coffin
- Tons of Camo Netting
- 4 Electronic Barrel Rattles w/ trip pads (sounds like a machine gun)
- 1 Air Cannon
- 2 Innocent Angel Statues
- 1 20-foot Vortex Tunnel with Metal Cage
- Misc Tombstones and Graveyard Props
- Torture Scene
- Very Large Dungeon Scene - includes illusion table w/ skeleton body
- Giant Skelator Animatronic - comes through door
- Electronic Skeleton Cage rattler - very loud
- Laytex Flying Vampire
- Costumes include: 10 Clowns; 2 Werewolf; 4 Knights; 20 Black Robes w/ Hoods; 3 Dungeon Ladies; 3 Mental Patients; 3 Doctors; 6 GraveyardDiggers; 10 Jumpsuits (Butcher or Graveyard); Bride; and More
- Approx 40 Mask
- Gift Shop includes all merchandise, wall panels, sound system, cash registers, glow products, etc
- Facebook Fan Page and Website Included

Purchase Price $20,000