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Thread: Haunted House Of Horrors In Alabama

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  1. Default Haunted House Of Horrors In Alabama 
    I don't think there is many in this Industry that don't know me. You know when I see an unwarranted attack I am going to play protector and this is the case with this post. I have sat back and bit my lip so many times over and over and over and enough with the cheap shots. I can say this...... I support ALL local haunts and ALL Alabama Haunts . With me it's never been about the money God has blessed me it's about the love of haunting and Halloween. I have flyers and posters and banners of all haunts in the area and proudly display them at my attraction ( they all will tell you this) I mean after all are we not a big family? But I have seen this new Haunt "The House of Horrors in Courtland Alabama" they are over an hour from me and are closer to Arx Mortis. However I have seen repeated and I mean repeated post on their facebook page allowing them to post how they are so much better then this haunt and that haunt. Honestly I am no fool and marketing is my game it's very clear these people are coerced into name dropping half the post says how much better it is than Arx, Sloss, Atrox and Disturbia ( although they use my haunts name less) I NEVER allow a poster use a name of another haunt on my Facebook page out of respect to others. It's one thing to say ' best haunt in the area", " best haunt I ever been to", " favorite haunted house" but its another to say " way better than Arx Mortis", " better than Atrox", " Better than Disturbia" or who ever and then to reply and agreeing is just sorry and will gain you no friends we have all talked about this and it's just tackey and I MEAN TACKEY!!! You will not see this on any of our pages! When a customer uses another haunts name on my site it's removed as soon as I catch it. I always send a thank you email and saying thanks for the great reviews but out of respect for for my friends in the haunted house world I removed the comment out of respect to them and due to the fact you used their name, but I am so honored you liked mine the best.

    I can see they have only like 500 facebook friends where Me, Arx, Atrox has in the thousands. I could stand up and say wow you walked right in over there on a Saturday night when all us others had a 1 to 3 hour wait? I mean after all there is a reason for the long waits right? I could also say WOW when I went to your haunt and supported you and I seen several rooms you tried to knock off from my haunt was maybe a little distasteful? Actually I say well what a compliment they wanted to be like me I give them a "C" for effort. I might add they visited my haunt several times at the beginning of the year but I myself never met with them.

    I guess enough with the rant but does this go on with your local attractions? and if so why? I mean should we not all support each other. Again I am sorry but being the new kids on the block your sure as hell not making friends. I would also say that any other attraction owner would go through the big haunts here and go there and say I would not worry about them and I agree! I am not they can't hurt my business one bit because I focus on....
    1... My Haunt
    2... Engaging in friendly competition
    3... Extend the olive branch as a haunt owner
    4... Focuse on my show
    5... Not allow other haunt owners to be bashed ( as me and my haunt is sure as hell not perfect)
    6... Try to encourage others to go to everyones haunt because we all offer something different
    7... Not use the comments like... state of the art, Disney level,better than anyone in Alabama or where ever if you sure as heck can't back it up.

    These are just somethings and again I am just fed up with all of us guys taking a beating because a few people counted everyone in our lines and said " wow lets do this they are getting rich" NEWS FLASH FOLKS IT AIN'T GOING TO HAPPEN! We all grew up with the love of haunting and haunted houses and not about the dollar. It's clear they need to bash in order to get attendance up. I am sure their family and friends are tired of having to advertize for them because if they keep that up that's all the business they are going to get!I want to say you have an awsome old school building and you call it House Of Horrors? They not only have a lot to learn about respect but about the haunted house business in general!!! I am feeling something like " School of death" maybe " College of Death" so much you can do with an old school and all you want to do is bash! Hey call it " School of Bashing"! Ok I am done I would like feedback as to how you and other your other local haunts get along? Shane and it's just got tired of seeing my friends bashed! Shane

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    I hate hearing about stuff like this... Because as you mentioned, we're all in this for one reason... The love of haunting. However, when you get money involved, people often tend to change and it sets a different tone all together. I know I shared with you my horror story about dealing with another haunter in my area... And I was just a kid running a home haunt in his parents garage! Haha

    But it truly does suck that people's egos and check books get in the way of the real reason for running a haunt... To have fun!

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    Valley AL
    I hate to hear this but some folks I guess instead of trying to work with other haunts they think they can get more out of the bash game I guess. there are some local haunts near us That I would like to say some things to but not nah nah we are better than you. I want to tell them how to improve there are lots of haunts with so much Potential that I would love to see their actors get a little training an the owners improve some it would really push them over the edge. I guess what I am saying is I love to see haunts grow and improve my pet peeve is when they never change, improve, or even try.
    If your lucky enough to have lots of haunt owners sharing ideas and ways to improve a haunt or your acting skills like here you can really learn alot if your busy bashing then you miss out on this.
    Proud to be able to work at

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    Shane, I agree after looking at their page that it looks like they are “padding” their comments to be sure and mention the big name haunts around here by name as comparison, I also agree that this is weak and not the best way to start out for a first year haunt.

    One thing I try and keep in mind is that someone’s opinion of a particular haunt is purely subjective, what may be the “scariest” to one may not be to the other, i.e. snakes, clowns, tight spaces, all these things may be terrifying to some while they may not bother someone else.

    I have not been to this place in Courtland but have friends that have been and have heard their “reviews” on both sides of the fence, I did watch the video and it does look like a really good first year haunt but I have been to all the ones mentioned as comparison and like you mentioned they are all different so if folks can then they should try and catch as many as they can. One thing I hate about reviews and rankings is how was this ranking determined and by whom? As I already mentioned being scary is very subjective.

    One example from me is this, back a few years ago some buddys of mine and myself started our annual haunt tour as we called it and the first year I went to Atrox (the first year I think they were Atrox from Slain manor) we had a blast and afterwards on the way back to North Alabama we went to another low budget haunt way off the beaten path called Barns of Horror, it was fairly close to Birmingham as well. While Atrox was no doubt over the top good in every way the old Barns of Horror gave us that uneasy feeling with its homemade props and atmosphere and the character actors so if I were asked at the end of the night between the two which one was scariest I would have said Barns, but I was more entertained by Atrox, of course the cost of entry also dictated that as well.

    One thing too that folks need to do when commenting on a haunt is rather than saying one haunt is not any good or not scary or sucks is they need to tell what justifies that opinion, this constructive criticism can be very helpful for the owner, that is if they are open minded and want to hear how to be better from their fans. After a visit to the haunted Lester Hospital last year I gave my review and opinion to the owner and while it was not all 5 out of 5 he was very appreciative of what I had to say and said he knew these areas were the deficiencies and was going to improve on them for this year.

    These are just my opinions of course and just as mentioned are subjective because they are mine. Don’t know many on here but am a haunt nut and keep up with them all and have a home haunt that I’ve been doing for the past 5 years and just love, love the industry so while my credit is not at all as a pro by any means but just as a guy with opinions and one that likes haunts for what it’s worth.

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