On a very busy Friday night this October, my Wife told me "I had to stop everything because a man in the next room needed to talk to me." "?" (I had a room full of people looking at me)
I went to the next room and a man and his 8? yr. old daughter were waiting for me.
"Do you have a special effect in this house of a little girl, with dark hair, wearing a purple dress, wearing white gloves who appears and disappears?"
"No we do not."
I guess "Daddy" stepped around a corner and left his little girl behind for a moment and then she saw such a girl . She wasn't afraid of her until she looked in the mirror on the wall... it seems the other little girl had forgotten to bring along her "reflection" when she went out on the town that night!
Then the scream was heard, Daddy came back, picked up his Daughter, carried her outside and tried to calm her.
About 30 yrs, ago a man living in what is now part of my haunt said he used to think that he would sometimes see a little girl running passed an open doorway in this part of the house.
I began telling my fresh visitors this in the first room, then pointing my flashlight up at the ceiling to the location upstairs where she was seen. I think I could feel some real fear growing in the room then.
"Are you going to be afraid of a little girl? Maybe if she had fangs dragging on the floor and was threatening to bite your ankles!"
I was told some more real fear was seen in the adults on the house tour in her group as she retold the story...