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Thread: waterlogged pico projector

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  1. Default waterlogged pico projector 
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    Nov 2011
    we used a small pico projector to put a silhouette onto a tent on our trail. poor thing got waterlogged in a flash rain. any suggestions on how to get it running again? or is it done for?

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    Sep 2011
    You actually purchased this set up from me. I'm sorry to hear the rain destroyed it. There is some hope however! Place the projector in a container of rice for a week or two. I've seen this work with a waterlogged Iphone!

    If that doesn't fix it, contact me, I'll make sure you'll have your decapitation video back up in running for next season!

    Best Regards,

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    Oct 2011
    West Michigan
    I was also going to suggest the rice trick. If it got rained on a lot, like you said, you may need to try that more than once. You might also put it in a large sealed container (tote box?) along with a can of Damp Rid (it's Hydrophilic meaning it absorbs water). You can get Damp Rid (or another brand) from most hardware stores or DIY bib box stores. People use it in a damp basement to keep the musty smells out (which are caused by excess moisture).

    Best of luck!
    Chad Portenga

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