Forgive the long post and multiple questions.

Quick overview: Goal is to start up a pro haunt next year. Though I have assistance, I am putting business solely in my name. I'm not seeking loans or investors, just using savings. I may have found a building that will work and want to make sure business is set up first. Idea is to use property for constructing props, storage, and putting haunt together. During off season, we will conduct some sales - not as a standard store but online and by appointment. We will also occasionally do event rentals (birthday parties, etc), classes, photo shoots, small weddings. Building is not large but will easily support these items and will bring in a small amount of income. The main goal for leasing the property is the haunt and everything else is just filler.

I have JUST started the process of setting up a single-person LLC through Legalzoom and curious what others have done when setting up theirs.

Question 1: Officers
I read on one site that at a minimum, even a single-person LLC should have a President, Secretary and Treasurer - even if they are all the same person. Partial reason is that a bank will not allow an LLC to open a bank account unless the LLC has a duly appointed officer authorized to open the account and sign checks. On other sites, it says that officers are not necessary.

For other single person LLCs, how have you set yours up? Have you named yourself as officer(s) and if so, what?

Question 2: Primary business activity. Two part question - one is a drop-down list of options and the other asks for a description.
I think that "Entertainment" would probably fit best out of the list of options. For the description, I'm a bit at a loss.

What have others put as the primary business activity description? My initial instinct was "Haunted attaction" but I'm not sure that is a suitable answer.

Last question: Registered Agent
Legalzoom offers the option of being the registered agent for $159 per year. Other than myself, I don't currently have anyone for the role of registered agent.

What have others done? List yourself, take the Legalzoom option, find someone else?

I think that is it. I'm sure these are basic questions but just curious what others have done. I know I can call Legalzoom but would rather know what others in this industry have done. All help greatly appreciated!