It's about 40 miles away from my house. He has lived in this house for maybe 15 yrs. now. His kids weren't believed by their Father when they began telling him about the strange things they were seeing and experiencing there.
Then orbs began showing up on their video camera films they made inside the house. They then set up the camera in the upstairs hallway where things seemed to be getting cranked -up.
They had a video of the Wife walking down the hallway oblivious to the gaggle of orbs following her and even bouncing off her butt!
Then when he had a friend over they were sitting in the kitchen and the friend saw one of the Daughters walk into the house, walk passed him, go into the bathroom, shut the door.
She didn't come out of the bathroom. They opened the door and she was not there! She walked into the house later, she was never there.
Then when upstairs in his study there appeared a man's shadow on the screen pulled down infront of his window, then nobody was there to be found!
The tall, thin man has been seen several times now, even out in the yard!
They think he used to live there when he was alive!
AND Then.. the Father was home alone one day, he heard a slight sound of some sort, turned towards it intime to see a large ball of light coming down the stairs, then at the last step it impacted the floor and vanished!