A week or two ago a woman called here asking about any possible other "Haunted" places around this area, or even a haunted hotel they might be able to book a room in for a Family vacation? (A Family obsessed with the Supernatural TV shows.)
She discovered an 1855 Hotel in a tourist town 45 miles away, spoke with an accommodating young female employee who cherrfully booked them into the 3rd floor "Haunted" room for 2 nights@ $160 per night. She was delighted!
Then last night she called here again.
"I called the hotel, got a desk clerk who listened to me for a little bit then said:"This place isn't haunted, I have way too much to do to waste time listening to a Freak like you!"
Does she Still want to spend her two vacation nights There?
The Hotel cancellation policy would cost them $160 for nothing.
My Wife and I finally convinced her to call the Hotel again when "Jason" was not there and ask for the woman she originally spoke and spent her money with....
Maybe she misunderstood him, speaking through a hockey mask can make for misunderstandings I would think?