Well, my wife and I were planning on a 2012 Haunt attempt. However, during all these crash brainstorming sessions, we've tossed around the idea of trying to head out and work for a much larger corporation first.

So I was curious. Are there any of you guys that have full time workers that may be hiring? I have a lot of skills that can be utilized as well as monster acting. If you guys have any idears or thoughts of hiring someone, we're looking to relocate. Just don't want somewhere that it's freezing all year around.

Airbrushing 15 years off and on. Hardshells to Tshirts. Did make up one year for a few people at Halloween.
Some carpentry. I can build a house with direction. Knowledge of basic cutting tools such as dato saws, circular, detailed scroll sawing, miter and some routing experience. Hung drywall but back can't handle that type of lifting anymore.
Hand painting.
Making small props utilizing wiper motors and such. I've built air cylinders but prefer to use professional cylinders.
Crafting props.
Monster acting. Zombie, Judge (rules giver), Predator and Jason. Never stilt walked but will learn.
Basic mechanic. Cars, hot rods, piping, pretty much assembly of anything.

If anyone is looking for any kinda of dedicated skills like these, give me a hollar. This is my passion, I may as well find a job doing it, or start my own haunt. Right?


Obtw, if there's a specific place for these types of threads let me know. I didn't see any. :P I also can post pics of my props I've built. Only have the props from the party last year but some are cool.