Darkride For Sale - Has (5) Two Seater Carts, One 8'x45' Simi Trailer when setup =
75' feet long, 21' feet high 45' wide
Fire suppression/Sprinkler Systems


located in Kentucky,

Been with Carnival has 2011 inspection stickers from Ky and W.Va.

Would be interested in half cash and going in partners -- if you have a place to set it up and would be willing to operate it, I'm too busy with the one I have to run another one. No props included..

This is a great Darkride attraction at a give away price... runs and operates perfect just don't need it.

Too nice not to have up and running in Oct.. 606-346-2198 leave message Thanks


Would make a Great First Haunt for someone wanting to get into the business or would make a goog Haunt to use for fund raiser, Jaycees, Fire Dept, EMS, Church Group, etc thats only 3000 visitors X $10.00 will pay for itself and make profit first year.