Struggling writer, Richard Porter, is facing a deadline that could change his life. Huddled away in his dark, murky apartment, Richard sweats over the last few pages of his novel, one that has the opportunity to become published. But, in the midst of his poorly timed writer's block, he is faced with the constant rattling ambience of his home and the sinister creaking of his bedroom window.*

I just started shooting this short film of mine called, "The Laughing Window." It's a very 'Twilight Zone' driven thriller and I'm VERY excited about it.

To add to my excitement, we have a full set built on a stage, we're shooting on 35mm film, and I'm working with an amazing team.

We have some outstanding production design on this project and some stunning practical effects.

I'm thrilled to be able to share this with you guys through my Production Vlogs, all the way up until we release the final film.

Check out behind the scenes on "Day One" of our shoot, here:

Project Announcement

Production Vlog #1

Keep checking back for more!