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Thread: 2012 halloween prop ideas/suggestions

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  1. 2012 halloween prop ideas/suggestions 
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    Aug 2011
    hi we are a company in michigan that build most products out of wood like guillotines,stocks,coffins,tombstones, witches brew,standing deluxe people and we are trying to make a list of new props if you have any suggestions that would truly help our prices run from 10-100 dollars we sold out of products last year so expanding the product list.

    1.whell of death
    2.zombie baby swing set
    3.zombie baby seesaw
    Need more please


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    Nov 2011
    How about some pics of your work? Would probably help get some suggestions. Plus WE LIKE PICS!!!

  3. Default Suggestion- 
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    Nov 2008
    Mesquite, TX
    Think Ikea
    Haunt set pieces and products that are sturdy and go together easily that break down flat for shipping. Mybe even a wooden frame with a decoated spandex cover- that could be an awesome full size crypt that folds up into a foor locker sized box.
    Think long term- think setting it up and tearing the haunt down- minimize financial impact (storage space) for the time inbetween those two times.
    Think haunted Ikea.

  4. Default Allan! what Are You Trying to Do? 
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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    Put the flatbed truckers and crane operators out of work?
    Build things BIG, STRONG! Monumental, made to last! The next millenium might be looking for icons, statues to worship after the Applesause! (A Pox-on-my-lips?)
    "We amputate those messed-up lips and you are cured!"

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    Aug 2011
    Thanks everyone will put pics up when I get home does anyone know any Website that would sell my product I have them on eBay we sell a ton but want to get online thank you

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