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Thread: Building A Corn Maze

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  1. Default Corn Maze! 
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    Aug 2006
    Archdale, NC
    Back in 1999 I planted 10 acres corn and figured how hard can it be to make a maze. That's the same way people think about haunted houses that think we work one month a year and make millions. That year I tried to do it on the cheap and I wasted my time.

    2013 was our 13th year in a row with our Maize Adventure corn maze and 29th haunted attraction with Spookywoods. You can approach this idea in two ways, do it on the cheap or wow your guest with a top notch experience. Either way you choose you still have to grow the corn. Im going to to assume you have the proper zoning and permits, parking, restroom facilities, concessions, professional web site, office staff to answer the phones, irrigation system, liability and workers compensation insurance, marketing PR firm, and advertising budget. I only go for wowing our guests, so I hire a professional design firm to design a maze that looks amazing from the aerial photo and is well thought out to provide a fun experience using a smart phone app to play an engaging game. Not all designers are offering the same services, so do your homework!

    First thing before you spend a dime is get your soil samples tested to see what the condition of your land is. Contact your local seed store or farmer for advice on that. However, your not planting corn for the same reasons everyone else does. You would be amazed at the various types of seed are available. You want a drought resistant, broad leaf, strong stalk, BT (bug resistant) seed. I tested various seed types over 5 years before I found the best one for my conditions in NC.

    Once you have the seed picked out and your land prepped with what the soil test reports suggest, you have to decide when to plant. For me that is the first week of July since we open Labor Day weekend and use part of the field in Spookywoods. Once the first frost hits the corn is going to turn brown and die quickly, for us that can be mid to late October.

    My advice is visit us in September and get a first hand look at what works! Our annual attendance is now over 100,000 across our four outdoor businesses. Haunt, corn maze, Zipline tour and laser tag. We are in a market with only 1.3 million people.
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    Tony Wohlgemuth,
    Comes up with the fun stuff!
    Kersey Valley, Inc.

  2. Default Tony mentioned Bt. 
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    Mar 2009
    Before people freak out let me explain a little about this. It is corn that can now produce it's own Bt....or bacterium that kills pests that attack roots or stlks/ears of corn. Bt bacterium has been used on vegetables since early 1900's. It is today used on vege's even for stores such as Whole Foods. I have done a maze for 13 years in the same field. Twenty years ago that would have been impossible due to Corn Rootworm. Yes Bt corn is that stuff you have heard about as GMO. Genetically Modified Organism...we have been genetically selecting for crop improvements for hundreds of years. There is different Bt types. You most want to understand there is above ground and below ground pests and the Bt is differnt..but both can be in the same corn variety.

    My corn planter no longer has the insecticide boxes on it that literally dumped thiocarbamates, and organophosphates (NASTY NASTY SHIT!) to kill the bugs on top of the ground as it traveled across the field. Now Bt corn produces its own bacteria that kills the bugs. The Bt only efects those corn bugs that have the parts in their gut that humans and other animals do not have. (There was a bogus "scientific study" that concluded that GMO crops affected the digestive tract of hogs and SUGGESTED to sheeple it "could do the same to you" I will let you in on the magicians secret...if you do not roast the soybeans even certified organic will give hogs digestive problems....that was known BEFORE the bogus "study" was fabricated)

    Today even the Co-founder of Green Peace laments the day they smeared GMO with what basically amounted to bogus slander.

    Oh...and Tony missed one thing saying there are two ways to go with making a maze. There is the cheap way....his way of hiring a professional...and then there is Wicked Farmers way of designing it.

    Wicked Farmer
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