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Thread: Outside Haunted Barriers

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  1. Default Outside Haunted Barriers 
    I was just wondering what different types of props or walls could be used to direct traffic through an outside haunt (aside from trees). My Haunt is going to be in a Rodeo Stadium and part of it will be outside the physical structure I'm building. If I put up a little dinky fence, then people will be able to see it all from the queue line before they even go through it. Is there anything tall that would work? Maybe corn shucks? I'm really not sure. Any help would be great! Thanx!


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    Mar 2010
    Hit up Craigslist and stockpile an hog all the stockade fence and crappy tall fence you can get for free. Seems like that's what you're sort of implying....I'm guessing this is your firs year and don't have a super high budget?? CL can really pay off for you. that or if your budget allows for it, actual walls made of plywood...plus invest in building a nice little facade so your guests can look at something cool/interesting, and wonder what could possibly be behind it as all they hear are screams of people already inside!

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    Hartford CT
    Hay bales and they're cheap and can easily take a beating too.

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    What Bobby said.

    And clothes lines with bloody sheets work pretty good too. I like layers of things, for instance, a facade of a shed with a fence and then a short picket fence in front of that with some junk thrown in, like wheel barrows and wagon wheels, and maybe a clothes line in front of that. The layers make it look more lived in and gives depth to your scenes which help occupy the minds of your guests.

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    AVOID HAY BALES!!!! The second it rains, they will be the most foul smelling, moldy, gross, infested things you actually paid to get sick from.

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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    "Hay! Wuts that smell bales.? Hay bales don't seem to be very fire-resistant either, unless they are soaking wet? Bales of hay are not cheap to buy, at least in illinois.
    Anything you put up for a blind or a fence can be knocked down, blown down and smack someone before or as it hits the ground.
    when I was in the JCs our plywood sign fell or blew over, scratched the paint on a woman's car. It was not a big sign either.
    I saved plastic buckets Kitty Litter came in, fill them with rocks and sand, then use much duct tape to secure a small conduit to the bucket to hold something up that will not be very tall and is not an airfoil waiting to lift off when the fall weather gets gusty.
    Old tires filled level full with concrete , with a pipe stub inserted before the crete dries works real well to then screw another pipe into for a standard, easy to roll around from place to place since it is a round rubber tire.

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