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Thread: web spinner vs. web gun?

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  1. Default web spinner vs. web gun? 
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    Nov 2011
    Has anyone used one of these? what does the effect look like compared to a web gun from minions webs, for example?


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    Sep 2008
    Green Bay
    I use a webcaster gun and that works pretty good you can make any kind of web you want with those

    Kyle Guillette
    Kyle Guillette
    Dysfunctional Concepts-Haunted Alaskan Motel

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    Dec 2008
    Atlanta, Georgia, USA
    That cup/fan drill attachment is the old school version of making webs. basically, the web-fluid is a rubber cement that sprays out in a fairly wide pattern. The pro is that they look nice, but you should dust them with a powder or fuller's earth to make them more opaque & less sticky. the con is that the fluid is harder to deal with than a hot glue version. It can spill out of the can easily, because it has a thin gap at the lid where it sprays out, so you have to be aware of that while using. the fluid is also solvent based, flammable & has a strong odor before it dries.
    The pros of a hot glue gun are that is it easier to use, gives about the same, if not better web effect and is no odor.
    The cons are that you can get a serious burn from the gun or hot glue if you are not careful applying these.
    ALWAYS wear protective gear, long sleeves, gloves & goggles when webbing.
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    Nov 2011
    great! thanks for the detailed response - i already own a web gun from MW that i love, i just saw this on someone website and thought i'd ask

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