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Thread: low-laying fog for ponds?

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  1. Default low-laying fog for ponds? 
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    Dec 2010
    Frederick, Maryland
    I was looking out over a pond today and thought it would be cool to see low laying fog over it. We have all seen it in the movies...so it would be cool at this pond. Then I figure low laying fog machines are just heaters and then coolers. Making a fog machine under water? maybe not. running a hose under water...wait...isn't water cold? Water could be the cooling element for a low-laying fog effect.
    Those of you lucky enough to have a small pond nearby would like this idea. And that wind tends to be less of a threat at night than in the day.
    I just wanted to write this to help spark someone's creative thinking. Hope that worked.

    I wonder what would happen if you ran tubing, from the fog machine, under the water to a submerged end. Would this create smoke bubbles that end in low laying (chilled) smoke?

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    Oct 2008
    Arroyo Grande, CA
    that requires positive pressure to overcome the water. There is no real pressure from a fog machine. The result would be water filled tubes.
    While i like the concept of using the water as a cold source, that probably will only work in very limited situations. The water dose not chage temp as quickly as the air, so a cooler pond requires warm air. A warm evening often follows a warm day, which would of course raise the pond temp. You see where im going. Air temps change so much, Im guessing using the pond as a cold source would be fickle at best.
    Randy Russom

    Mid State Scare - San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria's favorite Haunted House
    2013 - Hmmm, we shall see what gets conjured up

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    Dec 2010
    Frederick, Maryland
    Thanks for the insight.
    In my (worped) mind, I guess I assumed there would have been fans inside the tubes with connecting air tube to help blow the air out. But, the more I think about it the more I would like to find a way to get this to work. And, Great point about the weather change. But, around Oklahoma, the weather in October is cool and even cooler nearing the Halloween season. Probably still not cool enough for this to work (it might work for those of you who do x-mas scenes), but I would like to test this and find out. Thanks for the input!

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    Jul 2010
    I think this could be made fairly easily if you just had the exit fog at the top of the water. It would ooze out across and keep low if you chilled it first. I think I would dig a hole for a garbage can and fill the can with ice and draw your fog air through that, then down tubes to exit.

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    Mar 2010
    Hate to break it to you, but that'd be VERY difficult to do, and I'm not even sure it would work... they do make commercial pond misters, I have a couple I used in a swampy voodoo scene this year, here's a few,


    For a legitimately large pond, I would suggest something like this, http://www.amazon.com/Output-Fogger-...5623875&sr=8-3

    These all use the water from the pond, I think it's basically an "iodizer" forgive me if I'm totally off...but from experience, this is the way to go. =)

    It helps to have an uncle who owns a koi business!

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    Nov 2007

    rwrussom, mentioned something interesting when they said "that requires positive pressure to overcome the water. There is no real pressure from a fog machine. The result would be water filled tubes".

    Which would be and IS 100% true.

    How about this type of an idea?

    Fog machine -->Fogchiller-->(still standard at this point) BUT heres a difference. Add "piping" to the ouput of the fog chiller(possibly corrugated or smooth black plastic 1/2 inch..possibly smaller diameter drain tubing) with a fan (like a pc cooling fan..low air force) to blow the fog through the tube witha "plug" of some sort at the end of the tube(which would cause the positive pressure).

    In addtion. have the tubing lie JUST BELOW the water level. To maintain this level add small weights of some sort to keep the height and 'contour' of the piping where you want it to be. (attached with fishing line)

    Or instead of a pc cooling fan how about a air tube from a compressor .. or even cheaper yet from a fish tank bubbler/filter poking out from where the fog comes from the chiller and "melding" with the tubing. Still with the "plug " at the end of the tubing to still create the pressure that would be needed ?

    Possibility ?

    Just a random thought. (and some experince with runing "fog tubes" )

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