Over the past 3 weeks, every Friday we release a "Sneak Preview" silicone mask onto our Facebook page. The photos are usually not of the entire mask, only part or half, but give you something to look forward to at transworld in March. We'll be releasing possibly 2 full head silicone masks before transworld and then everything else will be released at the show.

What new products will we have at transworld this year?
Well, we've tried to push out some new stuff, new designs, but mainly things that DO NOT currently exist from any other companies.

We will obviously have a bunch of our full head silicone masks. But we will also be introducing the INDUSTRIES FIRST silicone half mask with cool-compression technology!
I'm not going to say much more about the half masks, but I strongly believe everyone will love these and they will finally be a silicone mask at a extremely affordable price! Not only that, but a great way to get as many high quality masks on as many of your actors as possible without breaking the bank!

Now, on another note: We've noticed a demand for offering weapon molds for haunters to make there own fake foam weapons. We're proud to yet again bring you an INDUSTRY FIRST product! Why pay $50 for a foam hand tool when you can make 20 for the SAME price, and paint them exactly how you want! These will be affordable and easy to use. Each one will come with an inscrutable DVD which explains everything you need to know on how to make a finished foam weapon with our molds.

New "SNEAK PREVIEW" masks will be posted on here and our Facebook page. www.facebook.com/shatteredfxmasks

Thanks everyone!