"Yes it is."
"Do you live here?"
"Do you sleep here?"
"Where do you sleep?"
"In the attic, hanging upside down from a steel hook." I have made many young eyes widen upon those last few words.

None of you young haunters should ever worry too much about scaring all the customers because you probably won't ever be able to ever scare many of them, but you can entertain them. I have found out that the most entertaining single type of event is when they think that you have actually made a huge mistake, screw-up of some kind, either speaking or physically acting.
Self-depreciation works too! Maybe this panders to the inner quiet persona that really needs to heartlessly laugh at the pathetic?
This line works as a self-depreciating statement for me:" .. then when my ex-wife decided to join the Jim Warfield's Ex-Wife Club...'
OR: A wild-eyed young man showed up here late one afternoon, calling himself a Warloch-Psychic! (Thank god he didn't call me "Daddy!")
IF you are going to remain silent just be sure you have a Fart Machine in your back pocket! (And use it sparingly, then they will never know if what they heard was real or not!