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Thread: Hayride or Trail or both possible?

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    Feb 2010
    S Wisconsin
    scream, we use 3 sets per car, it works good. we have scenes set up on both sides so i use individule sides for the scene sounds and stereo of the background track. pretty much what you say is how we are set up. running speaker wires and hiding them is easy

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    Mar 2010
    Yeah I figured but I like talking about sound and lighting Haha. And it wwas more for Jim since he hasn't put his together yet lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by screamforadream View Post
    Behringer= yuck! Mackie = yay!
    Agreed. It's only money.

    We're going the 12v route on the ride this year. BTW it is much more expensive to properly outfit the wagons 12v than 110v w/ inverters. But... you get what you pay for. We've gotten 2 years out of this system, its time for a change.

    Thanks for the info Bill and scream

    Patrick Barberry

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    Mar 2010
    Yeah it is, and I'm not a big fan of inverters in the least bit, I'm a big friend of kiss, keep it simple stupid! Once you throw all that extra stuff in there it becomes a bigger hassle than you need.


    Is the free version for anyone to try out, it eliminates the need for an external mixer and there's even an iPad app for anyone that has an iPad, it's one of the more user friendly DJ softwares out there. =)

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    Sep 2010
    So here's the question I should have asked earlier, what about subwoofers on trailers... has anyone done so ? I'm actually very technical, but, smart enough to know that learning from others mistakes is better There's plenty a number of touch screen juke box software out there that would do the job, also, you can buy touch screen kits on ebay for reasonable to convert say a small 12" laptop that would likely work fine. I like the idea of pimping out the trailers and then you have this dash board on the tractor/train...where you control everything mostly, sounds like more fun that one should ever have, lol

    Scarybill... dying to see some pictures of you train? I was wondering if you could pick up a old school bus and convert to a long trailer and pull with a tractor (lots of welding). Probably cheaper finding a long trailer... but the thought is interesting.

    I still didn't understand hooking 2 batteries in parallel means as I would think this gives you 24volts, unless you place some resistors to lower to 12v and thus this would give you longer charge in the end.

    How do fog machines run off inverters, if running sound has issues wondering if even worth effort of trying fog machines...etc


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