Lights Alive is going to be showing some new products for the first time next week at the Transworld Haunt Show.

Our top-of-the-line five-channel lightning simulator, the FireFly 501, is getting an upgrade, and is becoming the FireFly 511. It features a new microprocessor that's 800% faster than the 501, and improved display and test routines. You can now lock on one or all light channels to make it easy to position and aim your lights. And an automatic reset is now built in in case of brownouts.

For existing 501 owners, there's an upgrade path, so your unit can be factory tested and upgraded to 511 status. Stop and see us at Booth 823 for a discount on upgrades.

Also new is the ProLight-FX. This is a high-power LED strobe and more, with capabilities that can't be matched by conventional strobes.

More than a strobe, the ProLight-FX offers capabilities that a xenon strobe can’t match.

• Flash rates both above and below the capabilities of a conventional xenon flash tube strobe
• ProLight-FX has a continuous duty cycle... it won’t overheat or require periodic shutdowns like a conventional strobe
• Weather-resistant anodized aluminum housing
• ProLight-FX has multiple random effects and patterns to disorient and confuse haunt attendees
• Multiple units may be daisy-chained for large synchronous effects. It can also be synchronized with many professional strobes.

More information is now up on our web site, and we'll have both products running at the show. There will be five linked ProLight-FX units running at the interactive haunt.

Here's a look at the back of the FX: