I am thrilled to open up "Dark Ride" for pre sales. This album has been in the works for 16 months, every second of it was a joy. Because of the great anticipation and demand, I have decided to give you the chance to get a limited edition before it is released to the public.

This limited edition will be one of the first hundred off the press. Each album will be signed and numbered. Along with that, you will recieve our "Dark Ride" poster and other great pieces! But the most incredible offer is that if you pre order before April first, we will send you a digital copy of "Carpe Noctem" to hold you over! All of this for just $17.

To pre order, simply follow the link to our homepage www.preludetoanightmare.com

We look forward to creating more music and meeting our fans at one of the several conventions we will be attending. For more info on those, check out our "Upcoming events" on the home page.

As always, Share the Fear!

S. Michael Karan
Prelude to a Nightmare