Hey guys. After seeing the affordable props we have used over the years, I have realized we tend to see the same ol' same ol'.... unless you spent top dollar and even then you eventually see the same ol again.

So, after looking at some of our cheaper props we've had used over the years, we decided to sculpt and make some of our own stuff. So I was wondering, if it was worth making a few extra and putting out there for sale?

Who here would be interested in decently sculpted, foam filled, flat back props of a different flavor? We are currently molding out a young male torso. It's like your typical, Don Post torso, but we tried to make it a tad bit more realistic, using a plastic skeleton rib cage and skull to make a beat up, dismembered torso with realistic bone structure etc.

This is a photo of the torso we're molding. It's of course, got more details in it by now. We still sculpted about an hour or so more on it since the photo.