The t-shirts we printed for Transworld this year (designed by Chad Savage/Sinister Visions) were such a huge hit they sold out before the weekend ended! So Transworld has decided to do up a second batch for those that were not able to get one, forgot, or just plain wanted one or more. Shoot an email over to Jen (with the quantity and size (and yes you can do plus size) of shirts you would like to order, and she will take care of you. These will be printing soon, so if you want one or more do not hesitate, this is your last chance! I have attached a mockup of the shirt to this post.

You can reach Jen at jen.thaler @ (remove space before and after the @ symbol...typed this way so spam bots dont pick it up). Please use this email only for ordering your shirts.

Mike "Pogo" Hach


and PS - Get pics of yourself in the shirt and post over on our Facebook page