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    Quote Originally Posted by MournfulManor View Post
    The formula Rich Hanf gave at his seminar "Want to see something REALLY scary, try getting started in the Haunt Business" was:

    Square feet of your haunt / number of actors (he told us to count the number of actors who get more than 1 scare as two actors). If the number is less than 250, you're properly staffed.

    Example: You have a 5,000 sq ft haunt. You have 30 actors, but 10 of them get more than 1 scare, so divide by 40.

    5,000/40 = 125 which is less than 250, so in this case, you're golden.
    So, iow, it doesn't matter what the number is, but if you are less than a factor of 250, you're not being eaten alive by payroll?

    Is he also basically saying we need an actor driven scare at least every 250sq'?
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    Yes, yes he is and I completely agree. good actors will make your haunts better.

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    Speaking of good actors, Allen, I wanted to thank you for your "Dynamic Haunted House Acting" DVD's. My partner and I have learned so much from them that it's changing some of the design of our haunt to get better scares and we will be using them for training sessions to help the quality of our actors as well. All in all, this one purchase will improve our attraction by 40% or so, so thank you!

    "I'm talking about romance in the sense of epic heroes, tragedy, forever friends who die for one another, quests, wars and star-crossed lovers. Romance found in dark fairy tales and the histories of martyred saints. Romance expressed through murder, cannibalism, ressurrections, and hauntings, through ancient tales of chivalry, sacrifice and betrayal."

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    I learned sssoo Much at TW this year!! every one is so great about sharing!!

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