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2012 Minions Web Transworld Halloween and Haunt Show Pricing
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Get the best pricing of the year on many Minions Web products.

Show Sale pricing is extended through April 4th, thank our house sale, gout and a 5th birthday for the extension.

If you missed it at Transworld, we set up the AFX Brick 900 watt constant fog machine along with the Big Bubbler and the Sweetspot Stage light.
The results were amazing, thousands of fog filled bubbles per minute, and the Brick pumped out fog for hours non-stop.

We Are thrilled to introduce the ultrabright all weather 10 and 20 watt Floodlight fixtures with 120 degree illumination.
The floodlights are made with ultrabright high quality Nichia LED chips.
Compact size & brilliant light output in a IP65 housing equal a stunning piece of lighting hardware.
Perfect for wall washers, security lighting, and the 7000K cool white is perfect for your Thunder and Lighting set up.
These single chip fixtures are blinding and an incredible value to boot.
Red, Yellow, Green & Blue in 10, 20 and 40 watt versions.
Available in outputs up to 150 watts in the 3000K warm white & 7000K cool white.
The Red Green Blue (RGB) remote control version in 10, 20 30 and 40 watts.

Flexible 5050 LED Strip Lighting - 30 LED per Meter:
Minions Web 12 volt 150 LED Flexible Strips are 5 meters in length, made with our exclusive Ultrabright 5050 SMD LEDs with the best quality LEDs, far superior to similar products.
You have been impressed with the brightness of our LED spotlight bulbs, you will love the flexible strips.
The 16.4' strips can be sistered up to a length of 45' feet.
You are not locked into the full length, just cut the lengths you need and hook them up.

You make ultra long strips or you can cut our strips in segments as small as each 3 LEDs 4 inches long.
Add our bulk interconnect wiring between segments, to utilize segments of any size in runs over 1000 feet. Imagine running battery operated all on emergency lighting throughout your entire haunted house, at minimal cost
Or lighting your yard haunt props in any weather with a few segments.
Perfect for task lighting under cabinets in the kitchen, over the workbench, in the closet, and anywhere you can imagine.

The strips are weatherproof for interior or exterior applications.
Even when cut, the waterproofing can be restored using our silicone parts.

Minions Web has a full line of wireless controllers, dmx interfaces, SD card interfaces, power supplies, wiring, slip connectors, and silicon parts to make your flex lighting meet all your needs.
It is amazing what these strips are capable of.

In 8 colors & RGB (red, green, blue) compatible with show controllers, DMX or RF devices making up to 1.3 million colors.

Mounting accessories are available, clear plastic channel, double sided tape, silicon brackets and our hot melt mounting cartridges and gun.

Weatherproof Solid Color LED Falling Meteor Tubes:
One of the coolest advents in LED holiday lighting design, our LED Meteor Tubes are awesome.

The small versions are great for lining the roof line, skirting large trees, or on your tree.
Our larger models will look fantastic indoors or out for your courtyard, foyer, mall, or outdoors.
They emulate falling stars, glistening rain, or snow in the night sky, producing stunning star shower effects.
The LED lights cascade down the tubes length and fade away as they reach the bottom.

AFX Fog Machines:

Minions Web is the master distributor of the AFX product line.
We chose the brand because they are the best made, feature packed, machines around.
Great prices too.
You saw the videos of the Brick, quality you can expect from the entire AFX lineup.

Vari-Fog III Video

We have added the Vari-fog III to the line up.
The Vari-fog III, like its smaller sibling has a servo controlled fog nozzle.
Adjustable anywhere from horizontal to vertical position.
Use the included the control pendant for static settings or your DMX console live active control.

No mater your application, we have the fogger for you.

AFX Snow Machines - cost effective and sturdy:

New this year is the Hoarfrost 600 watt machine.
A hybrid of the 1100 watt & the 600 watt standard machines, the Hoarfrost is housed on the 600 shell, using the 600 blower. It has the pump, control board and pump speed controls of the 1100.
These components allows us to make a snow machine that sips at snow fluid.
Think a gallon used over a day, not an hour, produces an avalanche of foamy snow at a moment's notice.
Snowflakes start flying instantly, with no warm-up or freeze-down time is required.

AFX UV 400 Watt Blacklight Cannon:

AFX high powered black light unit at a affordable price. Get glowing!
The cannon will bathe dance floors, stages, haunts, large venues & halls with brilliant fluorescent fun. Perfect for permanent installations and large coverage areas.

An economical choice for theater, stage, sports arenas, & more, great for any production, serious haunter or halloween set up where your event calls for tremendous UV lighting, without breaking your budget.

Got Webs?
We have created new versions of the MW-CCL and MW-D for 2012.

The CCL heater from the original manufacturer was downgraded to a 200 watt heater from 250 watt heater.
We dumped the old CCL model.

We went to our other gun supplier to provide us with a base gun that produces 250 watts.
Look at knock offs of the MW-CCL to see they recite OUR product specs, based on a ... 250 watt gun.
Yet they only have a 200 watt model - tell you something?
....yep...we invented the product.
Only Minions Web tests the guns, does the math, and patents the design.
Our specs are based on science, not just ...oh...he says so, so we should write that too.

The MW-D gun was discontinued by the new owners of the factory that made it.
Again we went to our other gun supplier and found out they make a 500 watt model using the same carcass as the MW-P.
That was a happy coincidence.
We started bringing in the new D and are very pleased with the results.

I am sure you will be too.

AFXtreme Exterior DMX Lighting
We brought 2 new Outdoor AFXTreme Lights to the show, you loved them.
At the end of each day, we were able to demonstrate how incredible these lights truly are.

The 180 watt model - AFXTreme DMX-O45 - blew away the product specifications. The 54 3 watt 45 degree LEDs in the hardened glass face and aluminum chassis perform remarkably.

Spec'd to light 150-180 ft distance, it easily lit up 300' distance with rich color.
Waterproof connections, 10 channel DMX control with programmable & auto modes, push button interface control & the brightness there is nothing around that compares to the quality and flexibility of this monster.
Perfect for flexible lighting of facades, features, distant focal points, tall architecture, high elevation signage, or to sweep the walls.

The 45 watt AFXTreme DMX-OW61 is just as impressive.
Like the other outdoor ready IP65 fixtures in the AXFTreme line, it is constructed of hardened glass and powder coated aluminum chassis.
1 watt 45 degree LEDs completely fooled us.
The specs stated roughly 65 ft but it was lighting up the walls at 120'.
Add the outstanding beam width for a stunning compact wash fixture.
The push button waterproof DMX controls will run 6 channels, the built in functions and sound activation.
This fixture is a 45 degree wash, available in 25 and 65 degree formats.
Perfect for washing walls and towers, feature lighting, underlighting or overhang lighting, accent lighting or full scene lighting.

We have a number of other outdoor lights to fill every possible outdoor lighting challenge you may come across.

If you need indoors lighting, effects and controls needs, we have those too, just call or email to discuss your needs.

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