Ok, we almost have this as a done deal. We only have 2 usable doors on an old gymnasium. the go out the front. there's 2 doors in the back, but really, should be emergency exits only because of the setup.

Since the concession stand is inside the building on the right door, we can only do one haunt inside. We believe we can do a pretty decent sized haunt on the inside, but not using all of the space. We want to do a gift shop on the inside but mainly sell cheap shirts to get them out there etc, have a few monsters for photo ops too.

The thing is, we can't have a decent 2,500 sq ft haunt, and have a good setup for the concession AND indoor que line.

My question is this: What can we do to capitalize on this haunt?

I see a few threads on selling express tickets and alternating from normal line to EXP line. What should we charge if our tickets are $13? Plus, how do you set it up? Our line will not be bottle necked, however I am thinking of getting my 24'x40' shop awning moved onsite to use it for a que line. We can still line up the express ticket holders along the front of the building, which is 100' long.

We don't have the budget to do a paintball monster shoot.

What I thought about, was having ticket games. like, toilet bowl toss where you pay so much for a zombie head toss into a toilet. Make the shot, win a ticket! We can easily build game booths out in the yard and have people play while they wait. I was thinking, if they had already bought a ticket, we can give prizes out of our gift shop, like hats / shirts. If you guys think this is a decent idea, what should we charge for the games? I haven't minded a carnival game in a while, but I don't think that would help anyways, not for a $10+ prize. You pay $1 for 3 darts and get a $.50 prize....

Any ideas guys?

Although we think we'll be able to have a couple hundred parking spots, I often wondered if we shouldn't do games because of lingering. Get them in, get them out to cycle the parking spots, but if we have games, it's like the fair, the longer they stay, the more money they spend.